Allenby Street, 2015

For years, Allenby Street was considered the “street of photography”.

Photography buffs thronged to Allenby, photography students came here to buy used, in mint condition cameras, professionals stopped to upgrade their equipment, dozens of specialist businesses flourished.

And then came the digital age.

Armed with a 120mm camera manufactured back in the nineteen-fifties (when the street of photography was in its heyday), plenty of optimism and a hunger for nostalgia, I embarked on a photographic journey with the aim of discovering and documenting the last remains of the mythological street of photography. Today, Allenby is one of Tel Aviv’s most neglected, shamefaced streets, its days of glory long gone. The magnificent, eclectic style buildings are disintegrating, their façades expropriated by Everything for a Dollar stores and fast food stands. Here, I met the last representatives of an age gone by and their handful of successors, each of whom has his own story to tell.

The Golden Camera

Jacob Zehavi
Established: 1977
Preferred Camera: Rolleiflex, from the 50’s


Moshe & Ofer Musai
Established: 1976
Preferred Camera: Nikon F4, from the 70’s

Hatzalmania Pri-Or

Rudi and Miriam Weissenstein
Today: Ben Peter, their grandson
Established: 1940
Preferred Camera: Tuchlauben 9, a wooden camera Rudi got from his father at the age of 8


Lir and Noa Landau
Established: 1987
Preferred Camera: Focused on developing


Dr. Herman Talhoper
Today: Bentzi Tal, starting 1967
Established: 1933
Preferred Camera: Prefer Tripods


Moshe Inditzki
Today: Arik Inditzki
Established: 1953
Preferred Camera: As long as it’s a Nikon


Azriel Clar
Established: 1973
Preferred Camera: A 120 years old Swiss Camera


Haim Dorel
Established: 1981
Preferred Camera: Smena, from the 50’s. “My first camera. When I was a kid I photografed my neighborhood friends and sold them the pictures”.